Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fruits and Vegetables for Sexual Health

An aphrodisiac is substance which increases the sexual desire. There are many fruits and vegetables which help to increase sexual desire naturally in men and women. Fruits and vegetables should posses the nutritious. Following is list of fruits and vegetables which should be taken for increasing sexual desire naturally.
Bananas contain vitamin B that converts carbohydrates into energy. It is said to boost the production of sex hormones like testosterone.
Papaya is estrogenic; it has compounds that act as the female hormone estrogen. It helps to increase the libido.
Avocado increases the female and male libido and contains vitamin B6, which enhances the production of male hormones.
Blueberries have vitamins and other nutrients in it that will help you increase your sexual stamina.
Pomegranate known by many as the 'love apple’ is an aphrodisiac that arouses sexual desire.
Figs are rich in amino acids, which increase libido and boost sexual stamina.
Zinc should be taken in good amount to increase the libido. Zinc is used to increase the testosterone level in body which increases sexual desire. Vitamin B-1, B-2 and B-3 are necessary for healthy sex drive. You can find vitamin B-1 in grains and nuts. Vitamin B-2 is found in bananas. Vitamin B-3 creates improved blood flow and is important for sex hormones and to increase sexual desire. Vitamin E helps with sex hormone production and improves circulation - it is found in whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

Spinach has zinc if taken in meal at regular basis helps for sexual desire
Garlic is loaded with full of zinc same as spinach.
Ginger root stimulates circulation and increases blood flow to the vital sexual organ.
Basil increases circulation and is beneficial in stimulating the sex drive and boosting fertility.
Fennel has a libido-enhancing effect as it is rich in an estrogens-like substance.
Celery helps to heighten the mood in women. It also contains the male hormone called androsterone that enhances masculine characteristics and initiates female attraction.
Apart from above vegetables almond and cardamom have great importance in concern of sexual desire which is described below
Almond contains essential fatty acids, which is important in the production of male hormones to regulate sex drive.
Cardamom is a powerful aphrodisiac and is helpful in treating impotence.


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